Why are our bed linen products at the lowest prices ?

Date Posted:5 March 2016

You may have come across Machester Direct and browsed for a bit, before asking yourself, how are these prices so low?

The answer to that is simple. We can be considered a direct factory outlet. We have exclusive links with our suppliers and manufacturers, and we are the only front-end of the sales process.

This eliminates many middle-management levels, which means our overheads are lower. Lower overheads, means less cost.

Less cost means the savings can be offered to our customers.

Of course, there are also numerous other benefits of having exclusive relationships with our suppliers.

It keeps us up to date with fashion trends, which means we are able to offer products that are in-season, every season.

It also means we are able to take our customer's suggestions and readily improve our products, so please do not hesistate to give us feedback. If you want a certain colour, design or feature, let us know and if we get enough of the same type of request, we'll make it happen.

Low prices and excellent value for money are just some of the many things we offer at Machester Direct.