Super King size bed linen collection - Quilt Covers, Sheet sets, mattress toppers

Why Super King size is becoming very popular among Australian bedding size choice?

We never have Super king size option in Australia in 20 years ago. More and more people started to love bigger bed size, bigger mattress and bigger quilt than traditional king size since 2008. Especially the height of modern luxury mattress is deeper than before, which is caused by the extra thickness of new pillow-top style design on the mattress top. 

It was 30 cm to 40cm in the past and then became  50cm to 60cm in depth.  Most people expects their quilt or duvets can cover most part of their mattress and bed frame, making their bedding elegant and beautiful.  This leads to a consequent demand for the size of bedding products larger than king size. Super king size as an ideal choice for this purpose has been a new trend spreading over Australia and New Zealand . Super king quilts and quilt covers have become the latest trend in bedding size preference. 

How bigger is Super King size than King size for quilt covers and bed sheets ?

Super king size quilts and quilt covers measures 270x240cm in Australia ,while normal king size is 240x210cm, much smaller. With this big size, super king  provides the extra covering to bed and mattress. The super size will also been enough for a couple's sharing a quilt and quilt cover and avoid possible scrambling quilt at night.  This comfortable quilt cover size will ensure that you will have a clam sleep at whole night.

If you decide to pick Super King size, no matter whichever it is for such as doona covers, sheet sets or quilts,  Manchester Direct super king size collection is one great choice. 

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