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Shop By Colour WHITES, GOLDS, SILVER, BLUES, GREYS AND BLACKS , NEUTRALS AND EARTHS, REDS, GREENS, PINKS, PURPLES, YELLOWS & ORANGES, MULTI COLOURED Matching Linen Colours with Your Home: What do you see when you enter a bedroom? Mostly, it's the bed which is the central feature and which will stand out the most. So how do you want it to stand out? With a brightly covered, vibrant, warm quilt with matching covers and valances? This will have an enormous impact and you will need to decorate the rest of your room accordingly. Get matching floor cushions or bed cushions and have them covered to blend in, or to contrast, with the bed to really make an eye-catching statement. Sheets and linen can mix or match perfectly with most bedding. If your bedroom, bathroom, or living space needs cheering up, choose bright, chirpy colours that stand out and provide their own impression of warmth. If it needs cooling, choose neutral colours like white or cream to bring that fresh feeling and spacious atmosphere to any room. You can find what you want at our store and in our catalogues.

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Excellent service

By: on 7 May 2019
Love the quality and very quick delivery. Thanks

Quality at an affordable price

By: on 23 March 2018
Delivery to NZ took only 2 days from Australia. I also purchased the European covers and cushion covers to compliment the cover set which go beautifully with my new bedroom suite. The fabric feels amazing and everything I purchased are as pictured. Thank you for your services. 5 star rating for an awesome product.