Why Feng Shui is important for your bedroom

Date Posted:3 January 2019

We all know that good sleep is essential for health and vitality. The body requires sleep for rejuvenation and repair. Ongoing poor quality sleep depletes energy levels, weakens the immune system and can have serious health and lifestyle effects. But did you know that simply changing the position of your belongings may improve your sleep and bring benefits to your life by balancing the energy flows in your home?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice often referred to as the ‘art of placement’. It considers the position of household objects and their effect on energy flows. The Chinese believe good energy flows bring positive energy and good fortune to their lives. If you are experiencing poor sleep, you may like to try implementing some of these simple feng shui principles in your bedroom.

  • Ensure you have a solid headboard and place your bed against a solid wall. Known as the ‘Position of Power’, walls offer a sense of security and strength behind you. Ideally, the bed should be as far from the door as possible, diagonally opposite it and offer a clear view of the entrance.
  • Maintain balance in your bedroom by centering your bed and having a bedside table on each side of the bed. Choose matching lamps with round shades to maximize your positive energy.
  • When decorating your room, opt for pale, soothing colors and calming artworks that will add to your sense of peace and serenity. Avoid bright colors and extraneous furniture.
  • Computer screens and televisions emit magnetic force that can affect positive energy and should be removed where possible, along with mirrors and plants.
  • Encourage positive energy or ‘chi’ in your room. Energy needs to flow freely around your room without disturbances. Invest in a bed that allows circulation under as well as around the bed. Remove clutter from the room, including old or unworn clothes from your wardrobe.