Queen Size

When talk about quilts and qult covers size. it always relates to our bed and mattress size in history and future trend.  A long time a people only sleep on single and double. From 1940s , queen size bed starts being manufactured for adults bedding needs. Certainly, this results in queen size for our bed sheets and quilts. It is the most common quilt cover and quilt size for adult people nowadays. Australian queen size is 210x210cm, a big square shape size, and so do New Zelanders. Most bed sheets queen size is 153x203cm.

Here we showcases all queen size bed linen choices , including queen size quilts, queen quilt cover sets, queen fitted and flat sheets, queen size mattress protectors and toppers, queen size bedspread and coverlets, and all are queen size. Whichever directtion you put your quilts heading to , it is same, because it is a big exact square shape, This might be one reason for queen size becomes the most comon choice for adults. 

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Last Stock - Zuloni Prune Queen size Quilt Cover Set

Last Stock - Zuloni Prune Queen size Quilt Cover Set

By Luxton

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