Thread Count- does it really matter?

Date Posted:17 May 2016

What does Thread count mean?

Thread Count (TC) refers to the number of threads that cross each other in one square inch of fabric. For example, if a duvet cover you are interested in states it has 300 TC, it means at any point on the fabric there are 300 fibres that are woven together in that square inch.

Many people (falsely) believe that the best quilt covers are those with the highest thread counts. This is a misleading belief, as more does not mean better.

Extremely high TC's that are greater than 800 are typically falsely counted and misrepresented. 1000 and 1200 TC bed linen are typically multi-ply and woven with multiple layers, which artifically increases the TC without actually increasing the number of weaves between individual fibres, strictly speaking.The most luxurious linens are typically 200-600 TC.

A better way to measure quality in bed linen is the actual fabric itself. Cotton fibers are the typically the most luxurious but most expensive, and polyester is a more cost efficient substitution. Cotton and polyester blends offer the best of both worlds.

Cotton tends to be more breathable, a handy trait during summer months. For hotter weather, a TC on the lower side is advisable, as the reduced density allows heat to escape more effectively throughout the note. Conversely, a thicker, more dense, higher TC is typically recommened for the winter months. The best solution lies in matching your duvet cover with your actual duvet and making sure they have the same properties.

For those looking for a more cost effective bed linen solutions, there have traditionally been few options where quaility and comfort was not severely sacrificed in order to reduce price.

No longer is this the case. Recent trends in the industry have created quilt covers from the use of microfibre fabrics, which represent a breakthrough in budget-friendly bed linen shopping.

These microfibre linens are breathable, lightweight and machine-washable, and are tough and capable of withstanding long-term use, just like cotton. Unlike cotton, these products are significantly more cost friendly, because the fibres are more easily sourced and produced. These microfibre bed linen products are the best products for people wanting to experiment in decorating their room, or people who are looking for something good without it costing a small fortune.

Manchester Direct stocks a range of all bed linen proucts, including cotton for the connoisseurs and microfibre for those looking for balanc between quality and cost.